Biaa’s Interiors and Events is globally renowned brand that gained popularity for its unique perspective, creative designs and excellent choice of materials. With our continued efforts, and industry’s best standards, Biaa’s Interiors & Events gained trust of buyers all across Pakistan.
Rabia Raheel is globally renowned interior designer and the Chief Design Architect, With over 10 years of experience in interior design and a passion for art, She is showcasing her expertise lately in the twin cities, collaborating with Jugnu’s Saloon demonstrating a tremendous mix of integrity and glamour, she has taken over every single endeavor and got success.
With an eye of quality, a superior sense of style, and a client-centered approach to business, she has proven herself as an innovative designer. She offers a balance of creativity, collaboration and forward thinking with a structured, organized and detailed mentality, enabling her to deliver focused development, follow through and total completion to each aspect of the great designs, whether personal spaces or commercial properties, begin with a comprehensive understanding of client’s needs and expectations.With her continued efforts, Biaa’s Interior remains committed to cultivating valued relationships and helping clients reach the best of their vision.

Biaa's Interior & Events Services Strategy

Our interior designers acknowledge that good designs are founded on good concepts. Through our concept generation process, we can provide you with a framework that improves the accuracy and speed of your decision-making, leading to a space that is more truthful and consistent to your brand philosophy.

The best interior concept and design is meant to enhance user experience, while bringing financial value and maximizing the impact of a space. Our interior designers aim to achieve optimum functionality without compromising on your comfort and personal style. We are a forward-looking company that prizes the themes of futurism, minimalism, functionality, social and sustainability.

Having a multidisciplinary team isn’t always enough – you need to find out how to effectively combine their skills to produce stellar results, excellent service and undeniable client satisfaction. Biaa’s Interior builds on this principle, as we seek to deliver flawlessly executed projects, complemented by full support right from the design phase up to delivery and final installation.


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